Street Pastors

This team of trained volunteers, funded by Bristol City Centre BID, is a reassuring, helpful street presence every Saturday night. The team offers practical assistance such as water, space blankets and flip-flops to anyone in need. They also collect glass from the pavements, or simply spend time listening to those who feel unheard. These small but important gestures of kindness and support can make a big difference to people who become vulnerable during the night. Their interventions also help to reduce the pressure on our city’s emergency services.

Between 2019 and 2020, Bristol Street Pastors were able to dissuade at least 10 people from suicide and drowning. They also handed out 200 bottles of water and lollipops, 175 pairs of flip flops, 27 space blankets and rain ponchos, and removed more than 3,250 glass bottles from the streets.

The pastors are seeking additional volunteers to extend their operations to include Friday nights. If you would like to volunteer please contact us.